Practical approaches. Effective solutions.

Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates can assist you with all aspects of the debt issuance or borrowing process. This includes:

  • Special tax and assessment bonds
  • Tax allocation and redevelopment bonds
  • General obligation bonds
  • Revenue bonds
  • Financing leases
  • Cash flow borrowings
  • Private placements and bank borrowings.

You will find experienced advice on the general feasibility of financing a project, the nature and manner of the debt issue to be structured and sold, the size of the issue required to accomplish the client’s funding requirements and the general state of the credit markets.

You will also gain assistance in the defining of objectives for the financing, the determination of a process for sale, the selection of other service providers and the establishment of a timetable for the financing process.

We also provide proven services to properly structure the credit vehicle. This requires a thorough evaluation of the political, regulatory and financial environment in which the clients operates. Our experience offers a competence in many structuring alternatives which may range from bank loans or private placements to the most sophisticated of fixed income issues sold on an advertised or negotiated basis.

Once the objectives are defined and the best structure is selected, we assist you with the marketing, sale and closing of the issue. This part of the process is facilitated by our thorough understanding of the criteria and requirements of the credit rating agencies, credit enhancement providers and the underwriting community.

We are proficient at both competitive and negotiated sales of debt. In competitive sale situations, the firm assists with the dissemination of information to bidders and the calculation and acceptance of the bids received. In negotiated sales, the firm advises its clients on the terms of the sale offered by the negotiating underwriter and assists with the negotiation of prices that are compatible with the client’s needs.

Finally, the firm assists with the closing process. This entails the calculation of the various flows of money to be paid and received at closing. A detailed summary of the transaction is presented at closing. And we are always available to help with any aspect of the issue after the closing.