Adam S. Bauer

Adam Bauer

Mr. Adam S. Bauer, CIPMA, President and Chief Executive Officer, joined the firm in September 2004.  Mr. Bauer has been involved with a variety of public agencies throughout the State of California, assisting them with their debt transactions and policy development.  Mr. Bauer has two primary areas of expertise: public financings for school districts and land secured negotiations and financings.  Mr. Bauer has specific expertise in public financings for school districts where he has developed capital facilities funding plans that incorporate General Obligation Bonds, Certificates of Participation, Community Facilities District Special Tax Bonds, and State funding.

In addition to assisting School Districts with their debt transactions, Mr. Bauer has also negotiated mitigation agreements on behalf of school districts throughout the State of California.  Mr. Bauer assists school districts with identifying the true cost of new developments and then negotiates on their behalf to structure mitigation agreements to meet their needs.

Mr. Bauer also has specific emphasis in land secured financings.  Mr. Bauer has been involved in all aspects of the formation of Community Facilities Districts and the issuance of debt, including those with multiple improvement areas, series of bonds and property owners.

Furthermore, prior to joining the firm, Mr. Bauer acted as a Financial Advisor, Special Tax Consultant and Community Facilities District Administrator.  While working as a Special Tax Consultant and Community Facilities District Administrator, Mr. Bauer served as project manager for more than 60 Community Facilities Districts for a variety of public agencies.

Mr. Bauer is a regular speaker at California's Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH) and has been a speaker for California Debt Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC).  Mr. Bauer is co-chair of the Fiscal Management Strand of the Planning Committee for CASH, is a member of California School Board Association (CSBA), California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) and Committee on Assessments Special Taxes and other Financing Facilities (CASTOFF).  In addition, Mr. Bauer is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative (Series 65) and he holds the CIPMA designation as a Certified Independent Professional Municipal Advisor from the National Association of Muncipal Advisors.

Mr. Bauer received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the San Francisco State University.