There is no substitute for experience.

Fieldman, Rolapp Financial Services, LLC, was established in 1998 as an affiliate of Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates. The affiliate, a registered investment advisor, provides independent, tailored investment advice to state and local governments primarily in the areas of bond proceeds and capital funds.

Investment policy review and development services confirm that your investment policies are aligned with state law while at the same time are tailored to maximize your individual investment criteria. We work closely with you to define overall investment objectives and an optimal asset and maturity structure for the investment portfolio.

Portfolio management services take into consideration all aspects of your investment needs: safety of principal; liquidity; and, to the extent consistent with the first two objectives, maximum earnings.

Placement of funds includes investment agreements, repurchase agreements and local agency pools. The specific recommendation of fund placement is based on the size, term, cash flow requirements and yield limitations of the fund as well as prevailing market conditions.