Practical approaches. Effective solutions.

Fieldman, Rolapp Financial Services, LLC, an affiliate of the firm, is a registered investment advisor. The affiliate offers professional, practical investment advice relating to capital funds.

Portfolio evaluation and reporting looks to the basics of the investment portfolio, the duration, yield, cash flows and credit risks of a portfolio and provides you with a written evaluation of the characteristics of the portfolio, with specific recommendations on ways to improve liquidity, safety or yield.

The investment of the proceeds of the borrowing is critical to the efficient use of the debt. Investment instruments can be simple, such as a money market fund sponsored by the bond trustee; or, complex, such as a structured portfolio of securities or a guaranteed investment contract. In either event, we have the experience to assist you with the advice that is right for the circumstances. Should you elect to use a structured portfolio or guaranteed investment contract, we provide services to competitively acquire these investments.